Performance - STEP 4 DM & SI Dept Heads Review and Approval

STEP 1: Log in to Workday. 

Note: If you are accessing this task from a Workday notification, proceed to STEP 3.

STEP 2: In the Inbox, click on [Manager Evaluation].

STEP 3: Review Employee and Manager Evaluations.


  • If additional manager reviewers have been assigned to the evaluation, their names and comments will be visible to you.
    • If you just see their name with no comments, they have not submitted comments yet. If their comments are needed in order for you to approve, hold off until they've had a chance to enter & submit their comments.

STEP 4: Click [Approve].

NOTE: Should you decide that the Evaluation needs to be returned to the Employee or Manager for additional information, you can click [Send Back].