Performance - STEP 2 Employee Self Evaluation -

With our new Development Check-Ins (formerly known as Performance Reviews) comes new opportunity! Think of Development Check-Ins as an opportunity to identify blind spots so that we can continue to develop and set ourselves up for future success. Any chance we get to reflect on our path is a chance we should take!

STEP 1: Log in to Workday.

Note: if you are accessing your Development Check-in from a Workday notification, proceed to STEP 3.

STEP 2: In the Inbox, click on [Self Evaluation].

STEP 3: Click the [Edit] button to complete the Employee Evaluation.

STEP 4: Complete the Employee Evaluation section on the Impact Screen. 

STEP 5: Click [Next].

STEP 6: Click [Add] on the Commitments page to Import Existing Goals, if no goals are defaulted. If goals are defaulted, proceed to step 9.

If you have not already created your development check-in goals, you will need to create those before proceeding with the evaluation.

Temporarily exit the evaluation to create your goals (any comments you entered in the Impact section will be saved).  Click HERE for Goals How-To.


STEP 7: Add Goals.

a. Click [Use Existing Goal]

b. Click [All Valid Goals for Selection]

c. Choose Goal #1 for list.

STEP 8: Development Check-In Goal information will auto-populate. Scroll to [Employee Evaluation] and click to Comment. 

STEP 9: Complete the Employee Evaluation Comment your goal. 

Note:  If all your goals were already defaulted in the evaluation, repeat this step by scrolling down through each goal to evaluate and proceed to step 13. 

STEP 10: Click [Add] to continue importing existing goals. 

STEP 11: Complete Steps 6 through 9 for Goal #2.

STEP 12: Complete Steps 6 through 9 for Goal #3.

STEP 13: Click [Submit].

STEP 14: You have successfully completed the Self Evaluation and the Development Check-In is submitted for review. 

Note: Your check-in will first route to your HR Partner before routing to your manager to determine if additional reviewers are necessary