Performance - STEP 1 Create Goals for Development Check-Ins

Development Check-Ins (formerly known as Performance Reviews) have been simplified significantly to focus mainly on three (3) goals the employee is working towards at any given time. This communication is intended to touch on why the focus is on goals and what to think about when setting goals.

NOTE: See attached "Goal Deep Dive" document for more details on setting development check-in goals. 

STEP 1: Log into Workday.

STEP 2: Click on [Performance].

STEP 3: Click [Goals]

STEP 4: Make sure you are on [Individual Goals] and click [Edit] at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 5: Click [Add].

STEP 6: Add Goal

a. Goal: Brief goal title

b. Goal Description And Key Results: Detailed Goal Description with Success Metric and desired IMPACT if achieved

c. Category: Select Development Check-in Goals to carry into the Development Check-In

d. Status: Select In Progress when adding new goals

e. Relates To: Choose from the list of Blueprint Categories

f. Due Date: Assign a due date

g. Actions: Click the [+] to add the specific next step action you will take to meet or make progress towards your goal

1. Action:
Create action item.

2. Due Date: Assign a due date

3. Status: This must be In Progress


STEP 7: Add goal #2; go back up to the top of the screen, click [Add] 

STEP 8: Complete Step 6 in its entirety for Goal #2.


STEP 9: Repeat STEPS 7 & 8 until you have added at least 3 Goals.
                 NOTE: Once you have added a minimum of 3 Goals, go to STEP 10

STEP 10: Click [Submit].