Workday Overview

What is Workday and what do we use it for at Swinerton?

Workday is Swinerton's new HR and Payroll solution. Its purpose is to provide better information access to our employees to help them shape their Swinerton career experience. 

 Employees can use Workday to:

  • Access/update their personal information
  • View/update benefits 
  • View payslips & compensation 
  • Request time off
  • Time Entry for Admin employees (Craft employees use ExakTime).
  • View contact directory information for all Swinerton employees
  • Performance Management (Reviews)
  • Apply for jobs internally

Logging into Workday

On January 2, 2018 you will receive an email to announce the launch of Workday with instructions, help resources and a few suggested tasks to get you started.

Workday can be accessed via an icon on your desktop through Swinerton's single sign on functionality.

Introduction upon first log in:

When you log in for the first time, you will see an introductory page displaying an overview of the Workday banner.  The banner contains global navigation functions such as Search, Navigation Menu, your Profile and your Inbox

Where do I find it on Swinnet?


STEP 1: Click the down arrow to the right of Employee Resources

STEP 2: Click Workday Login

How do I save the Workday link as a favorite


STEP 1: Left Click (and hold) on the "W" icon

STEP 2: Drag to Favorites bar

Note: As you are dragging it, you will notice a black vertical bar and that will tell you where it will be placed when you let go of your mouse


Note:This is just one way to make it a favorite, you can also click the Star on the right side of Internet Explorer or if you have StartMe, you can add the link there. The idea is to set it up right away as someplace that is easily found.


New Workday Home Page

Note:The Workday Homepage has been set up to make it easy to learn on your own